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SwopX || Who we are

SwopX is an unique online platform to connect buyers and sellers related to the construction industry. SwopX had its humble beginning as an online construction site back in 2016 primarily the search venture for the buyers and the sellers.

Swopx is the network platform where one can connect with the seller and get the building construction materials online at the reasonable rates from them. Buyers and sellers both interconnect through us. The transparency between them is maintained all through the chain.

The innovative B2B intervention is developed in order to ease buyers as well as the sellers for the hassle free work in the diverse class of construction industry. Swopx is all set to help you in all the categories mentioned on site and promises to meet your terms at the earliest as soon as you click on.

It provide you with the Stone aggregate, river sand, bricks, steel bar, Cement, cement board, and partition wall as well. Not only the building materials, but the accessories, hinges and fittings, decorative, are all clubbed into categories and are made available. Designing, developing and deploying are the foremost assets.

Swopx is currently doing business with 12508 products, underneath 7850 projects in different cities count up to 50 in number. Swopx verifies every seller and then only incorporate into its database, therefore, buyers have their trust gained.

The large comparative and verified database gives the buyer to access the cost effective and reliable resource in a single window frame. This helps in better decision making. Therefore, we help building an efficient business and technology.

Swopx is more like recommendation for the building construction materials online from a fellow member because of the reviews of the clientele, you can swipe through the site and analyze their work histories and profiles and reviewing every bit of the corner and then make the final decision.

How do we work? Our clients tell us their project needs and we send those leads to our network of awesome suppliers. Leads are free, you only pay us when you win a deal. This is the basic structure of our functioning and which makes us zero commission workers until you get the project started.

For Seller profile, we work more like the business advisors, we recommend to get Online which will definitely increase their visibility and in turn Customer reach & Sales productivity. The Optimization of the resources & infrastructure removes dependency on few customer. The Swopx helps reduce cost to acquire new business along the growth.

For Buyers, our success is always dependent on the security of our users. At SWOPX, we want you to feel confident and secured in every transaction you have on our portal. Our buyer protection program is hence, designed to provide you with the trust and comfort of transparent and safer Online transactions. We function as a guard to your transactions, be it any time. We therefore have a very robust six fold protection plan for you, which ensures only verified sellers with guaranteed availability and payment security.

SWOPX has a simple purpose: to help you find the perfect seller for any need.

SWOPX is therefore built on trust and a lot of data to provide you with a recommendation you can trust, we comb through seller's records, consumer reviews. And we let you built your dream with our efficient business and technology.