It all started with a very simple idea – the idea of buying and selling stock goods directly, including the innovation of making surplus easy. Buyers shall have access to high quality, in-demand products and simultaneously suppliers shall sell their goods at market driven prices. Here, begins the story of SwopX…

The vision towards a new way of doing business. The story to ease buyers and sellers, that in a click, sellers have way to the large universe of buyers and on the other hand, buyers will have way to what they need and at the time when they need it.

Thus, evolved SwopX…

A revolutionary B2B platform set to function as a central marketplace for buying and selling the ready and surplus goods.

Our marketplace is initially open to the construction industry. We bring to the business, verified seller for quick need and easy access to stocks of construction material and all its accessory stuffs.

With top-of-the-line services, such as quality inspection, banking, logistics and Inventory Management System (IMS); our story establishes itself to be the central point for the greater and newer business possibilities.

So, here we are, to help you build your construction projects and to serve you in your needs.

Begin Your SwopX Journey Now..

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